Where to read and listen to my work


Read or listen to my horror story  THE BOY WITH THE GLASS EYES at PseudoPod. Its not for the faint hearted. And its definitely not for children! (Trigger warning: the story concerns pregnancy loss)

Read my (almost award winning!) apocalyptic story HEADS OR TAILS? in the Storgy Annihilation Radiation anthology.

Annihilation Radiation (1)

In 2020 during the Covid 19 lockdown, university students were locked down on their campuses. Read my short story HALLS OF RESIDENTS at Horrified Magazine.

Feeling festive? Read my short story THE DEAD MILLENNIUM in Horrified Magazine’s Christmas Horror Story anthology.

My Lovecraftian story VOID is about art, friends, obsession…oh and tearing a hole in the fabric of reality! You can read it in Cosmic Horror Monthly.


COMING SOON – Listen to me discuss my obsession with David Lynch’s series Twin Peaks on film and TV podcast ‘Fixate And Binge.’ Release date coming soon.

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