The Mythology Of Shaoluu

The first known sighting of Shaoluu was in 1728 by British sailor, Walter Shearling who claimed that whilst out at sea, he had seen the mythical creature Shaoluu. She appeared to him at first as a beautiful woman in corset and bloomers and, concerned for her wellbeing, he and his crew cast a net, which she became tangled in.

Once on the boat, they cut open the net, releasing her and her terrible fury. He claimed that she attacked three members of his crew with her long tentacles, strangling two of them and pulling the third overboard with her when she escaped. She swam away and he never saw her again. The man she had taken with her, drowned at sea.

Since then, there have been numerous sightings of the creature, particularly in the Redcar area of Yorkshire.

You can read more about her in the scientific papers of Professor Joseph Stanford and also in his son’s publication of his collected works in A Detailed Investigation Into The Mythos And Existence Of The Creature Known As Shaoluu by Alexander Stanford, believed to have been published following his father’s death in 1865. This book, however is rare and very difficult to obtain.